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Werner Little Dipper - Carbon Straight

Options - Web Price
210cm Std Shaft - 263.05
215cm Std Shaft - 263.05
220cm Std Shaft - 263.05
225cm Std Shaft - 263.05
210cm Small Shaft - 263.05

The Little Dipper carbon is our smallest Low Angle Performance touring design. The smaller blades pull effortlessly through each stroke allowing an increased cadence while gentle on your joints. The Little Dipper is a great choice for small kayakers and anyone who likes to use a fast easy cadence.

•Small-sized blades are gentle on your joints and allow a faster cadence.
•Advanced dihedral blade design creates a smooth forward stroke.
•Effortless strokes make touring a lot more fun.
•Best combination of light swing weight, durability and performance.

Surface Area 550 sq cm

Adustable Ferrule

•Elegant, easy to use design.
•Low profile button looks and feels like a 1-piece paddle.
•Internal gear system for precise fit.
•Adjusts feather left or right in 15 degree increments.
•You determine what feather works best for you.
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