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Jobe EVO Binding

Size - Colour - Web Price
M - Black - 74.99
L - Black - 74.99
M - Grey - 74.99
L - Grey - 74.99
L - Red - 74.99
M - Blue - 74.99

EVO short for evolution can be defined as a gradual and progressive process in which
something changes into a different and in general better form. Extensive research and
development by Jobe’s experienced developers down to the last detail lead to one of the
most innovative product releases in the wake scene up to date. The Jobe EVO is a modular
Binding including a slim, comfortable and unique sneaker, binding and skin all customizable
to your likings. Modularity comes with essential advantages such as a centre mounted
configuration giving direct control and flex control. The Jobe EVO is not just better, it is
game changing.

The Jobe EVO binding is attached at its core using a centered disk. This four
point mounting method allows a binding design with a smaller surface area of
the baseplate compared to the conventional 6 inch mounting method.

The movement of the rider is transferred directly to the board, so that the
response time is reduced. This causes the rider to be in total control over his/
her sport.

Available Sizes: M - L

Available Colours: Blue, Black, Grey or Red

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