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Pyranha 9R

Size - Spec - Web Price
9R L - Old Stout Spec - 719.00
9R - Race - 1,044.05
9R L - Race - 1,044.05
9R - Stout 2 - 945.25
9R L - Stout 2 - 945.25

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Welcome to the next step in creek boat evolution.

The 9R can take you anywhere, and fast! You get all the length you need without feeling like you're sat in a bath tub; the narrow width not only increases the dynamic speed of the boat, but along with our innovative C4S outfitting and a lower knee profile, it also increases your connectivity to offer ultimate control.

From races to waterfalls and expeditions, the 9R holds its line, but thanks to its extreme rocker profile, it will also let you turn on a dime. A planing hull with soft edges will let you soul surf forever, carving as much as you like without catching you out, and the high bow will keep you from nose diving into the front of the wave.

The front wave-deflectors don't just look cool, they stayed put in the 9R's design by special request of our Team Paddlers, and they do wonders to accelerate the boat over any hole and deflect the water away from your face so you can concentrate on your next move.

The 9R suits a paddling style with control strokes around the bow to middle of the boat, so you can make sure each one gives you power, and the speed and manoeuvrability will help you catch more eddies, make more ferry glides and punch through more holes; more importantly, the 9R will let you enjoy paddling even more!


Asymmetric Swede form and narrow width for speed.

High bow to lift over obstacles, punch holes and resurface quickly.

Continuous rocker for speed.

Rounded edge bow for forgiveness helps keep you on line.

Flatter bow profile to direct water under hull for quick bursts to hull speed.

Slight edge starting center running to stern for control.

Peaked bow deck and stern for shedding water.

Clean release off stern with edge

Low profile front cockpit and recessed rear cockpit to prevent water loading.


Stout Seat
Strong, solid seat with front to back
and height adjustment, ergonomically
shaped with padded liner.

Adjustable Hip Pads
Adjustable hip pads allow you to add
and remove foam shims to give a
perfect fi t and connection.

Adjustable Ratchet Backrest
The backrest can be moved forward and
backwards and its height can also
be altered.

Adjustable Thigh Grips
5 settings with solid connection to boat
for comfort and control.

Gear Strap
Stow your throw line or drinks bottle
close to hand.

Length - 271cm / 8' 11"
Width - 64cm / 25.2"
Cockpit - 95cm / 37.4" x 50cm / 19.5"
Volume - 295lts / 78gals (US)
Weight - 19.7kgs / 43lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight - 60 - 95kgs / 132 - 209lbs
Spraydeck - Big / Large deck

9R L
Length - 272cm / 8' 11"
Width - 68cm / 26.7"
Cockpit - 95cm / 37.4" x 52.5cm / 20.7"
Volume - 340lts / 90gals (US)
Weight - 22.7kgs / 50lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight - 75 - 125kgs / 165 - 275lbs
Spraydeck - Big / Large deck

Colours Available
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